This is something we can focus on for athletes returning from injury or any person overcoming a non- sports related injury. Something as simple as muscle fatigue, muscle damage and most commonly over training or overworking.

I will adopt the inclusion of treatment and training. With this technique we can develop the best way forward to cater to your needs as well full flexibility, strength, power and endurance. Whether you’re embarking on a brand new fitness or lifestyle journey, or just need a kick start onto the right path, I can provide specialised training and nutritional plans to achieve full health as well as muscle gain and fat loss.

Wellbeing Goals

You only have one body – so look after it! By setting yourself effective health goals, you’ll maximise your life span and enjoy your life more too! And it’s important to understand that health and well-being comes from the combination of your lifestyle factors, and not just one aspect of it – lifestyle factors are all inter-linked. This means that to improve one aspect of your health, you need to focus on your overall health profile and life balance. Setting successful health goals therefore need to consider the following factors:

Your general health goals – your age, family health history, weight and condition. These will all affect your health goals. Weight loss – something we all seem to struggle with from time to time, but you need to take control of your health to allow weight loss to happen. Healthy eating – food is your fuel for life, and also provides the building blocks for maintaining your body’s structures. Exercise and fitness – a fit body is a healthy body. Life balance – stress management, sleep and relaxation are all important in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle

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